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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Winter survival pack...

Ok whilst I am complaining that in Sydney it is down to 5 degrees in the mornings, I know others have it worse but still I am freezing! So I thought I would put up my winter survival must haves that will keep me going through this cold snap. (And by the way to the cynics out there- a.k.a Mr M it is the coldest winter since the mid 80's- yes not as cold as Japan but still cold for here!)

Ok a couple of must haves straight up are some fashion accessories. I love a good knitted scarf in winter and because I am massive hat fan a really nice black wool fedora! And the great thing about going shopping now is it is end of year and everything is on sale! These two are from Witchery- the 'Winter Soft Scarf' and 'Black Fedora'...

Also a nice winter jacket and high boots! Also from Witchery the Rib Collar Plaid Jacket and the Black Leather High Boots. Oh and you might need the Vintage Wash Zip Jeans to top the outfit off!

Chanel Hydration Mask- if your skin is anything like mine at the moment i.e. dry and tight this is a MUST buy for winter. I am really sensitive and can't use many products and a couple of years ago a dear friend of mine who is a Chanel Ambassador gave me a goody bag from a lunch she was hosting and ever since I am a convert. It is a mask and you are supposed to use it only a couple of times a week at max but I use just a drop at the moment instead of moisturiser in the morning and my skin feels amazing! (This might be too heavy for some but still as a mask you'll LOVE it!)

You also need to deck your living room and bed room out with some winter warmers in wool. I am loving by Home Life this amazing image. I love greys in winter!

Also from Luna Gallery some fantastic wool bed accessories. Once again love the greys but I do think nice autumn colours like oranges go so well to add a splash of colour- as winter really should have colours thrown in to make it cheerful and bright and lighten the room!

In winter I am all about food, slow cooked, time intensive, hunger filling meals that satisfy the heart and soul. I find winter is all about breaking bread with friends over stews with deep glasses of red wine. This weekend I am definitely going to try this fantastic recipe from Gourmet Traveller from the Rustic Italian Recipe article 'Pork Ragu with Porcini and Muscat'.

And winter really allows for indulgence (who notices under all those layers a couple of extra kg's) so I definitely think I would have to finish with a rich moreish desert and for those who know me well a nice desert wine! Maybe a port or a muscat... Maybe this one from Gourmet Traveller from the article entilted Let Them Eat Cake the 'Persian Love Cake' (I just love the title- also would be lovely if your not entertaining a whole host of friends but just an intimate evening in for two.)

But my ultimate way of surviving winter is to call a few close friends, pack up and head away for a weekend of fires, food and wine... Umm yes I think somewhere in the Hunter would be in order! xox


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