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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Winter Festival...

Yay you don't know how excited I was last night when I found out the Winter Festival was launching today! In a flurry of texts and facebooking last night I quickly booked our tickets to Ice Skating in the park. This event sold out last year in two days. So if you want to go I urge you to do the same call everyone and grab tickets now!

The alpine Winter Festival's new ice rink is four times the size of last year and after your skate you can enjoy alpine themed foods in the numerous stalls and drink jugs of mulded wine! This is a great opportunity to sit by cozy wood fires and enjoy Sydney in all its joy of fun and celebration. Plus we can dress up like Anna Carena in muffs and fur coats and skate like Torvill and Dean!


  1. There's actually a rash of these types of festivals this year, one in Burwood from 8 - 11 July and one in Balmain from 15 - 18 July, both with ice skating.

  2. Oh yay- I will practice at this first one (since haven't skated in YEARS!) and then take my show on the road soto speak. :) xox


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