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As a girl I used to spend hours with my mother on the weekends searching through antique auctions and bric a brac stores. As an adult nothing much has changed, only how much I'm allowed to spend! This is my way of sharing my love with people who love good design and pretty little things.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy weekend...

Have a relaxing one...

Cam xox

Moped madness....

Ok so over the weekend as we where visiting my parents for Father's Day, my brother had a small accident with the Car and wrote it off! Luckily everyone is well and I had no particular love for my car, so I am not holding any grudge.

However I am now on the painful and traumatic hunt for a new car. My major hitch is budget-(I am really trying to keep it low as I am saving for a house) and I really don't like new cars.

As you all know I am a vintage girl at heart and my first love was a 1953 Morris Minor fully restored and sprayed in 1979 Porsche White (which was an off cream) and had been reupholsted lovingly by my parents in burgundy and cream. I just simply loved that car! Dad and Mum spent a year doing it up for me and it drove like a dream and was so cute!

So now my what car to get and should I just go- I should get what I really want an old car though it is not as reliable but I will love it and willingly spend money on it. Or get a newer but not new model that wont last as long but can be an interim car or another thing I wanted to do for ages is buy a moped- which I could get a brand new one!

So can you see me on a Vespa? I love Vespa's as they still have that classic design and good looks- great marriage between vintage chic and practicality! And the good thing is if I buy it now- I get a free coffee machine! I am thinking maybe white? Or they have a cool orange one! You all know how big an orange fan I have become!

I do need to get my learners- but figure I should be able to do that over one weekend. Am i insane?! Is this just moped madness!?! Help any advice is useful! Camxox

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good design...

I am massive traveler- I love going overseas and as such spend a lot of time in airports. I just think these are a great solution- good design, perfect for security, completely solves the trying to find a chair/somewhere to leave the bag/having to haul luggage through the airport whilst looking through duty free or have a bite on long waits! dilemma.

Introducing Sleepbox. Developed by Arch Group an architecture and design firm in Russia the sleep box is designed to fitted in railway stations, airports, even in tropical countries for city's with a high level of unavailable accommodation to go in streets. It is budget one night accommodation that is completely secure and can sleep up to two people. The space includes bed, linen, ventilation system, alarm. LCD TV, WiFi , space for your laptop and re chargeable phone. Under your bed and floor there is a cupboard for your luggage. Sounds exactly like home right? :)

Deluxe one bedroom model...

The hostel edition which sleeps two... but no TV! :)

I love good innovative design and I think these are sleek and compact and really fill a need in the market! Sleepbox- maybe coming to an airport near you!

Weekend Retreat...

I could so just hole myself up here for a month or so! If I disappear for a while don't worry, I will be happy!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Swimwear season...

My aim over the next four weeks is to be able to wear this....

And look HOT! :)

I am loving the nautical this year by Jets...

And how chic are these Black and White's that harp back to the elegant days of Hollywood! Loving the high wasted pants... Gorgeous!

On a side note the average Aussie girl buys 3 swimwear pieces a year- where every where in the world averages 1! Time to get into making Aussie Swimmers hey girls? :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tropical Fever....

Yay- 'Spring' into Summer! With Australia starting to glow with Spring light and warmer days... so time to lighten up the house- change the cushions and throws and bring spring into the home!

Loving bold prints to bring the outdoors in and to brighten up the home... Bold forest prints are fantastic, or if your game go for tropical printed cushions.

Loving the cushions in this nook...

This is from one of my favourite homes- love the rug and bold print couch!

I love these bird cushions...

A fantastic mix of tropical cushions really make this nook look bright and fresh... great place to have a cocktail with friends...

Great way to pick up the colours in your cushions by adding fresh flowers and love that green silk poof!

Occasional chairs are perfect for bold prints without being over whelming!

Add a throw and some cushions to a crisp white bedspread for a tropical feel...

I love these rattan chairs in tropical colours... perfect for a bright tropical feel dining space...

And this idea of painting a tallboy or cheap dresser in green against a white wall in a living room this would look amazing!

Head to Etsy as there are heaps of cushions that you can play with for spring!

This bold printed cushion is great to bring a fresh look to your neutral sofa or chair. kyoozi

I love Owls and these were too cute not to show you! sukanart

I love these geometric cushions in green... this pattern is so popular at the moment! turquoise tumbleweed

Add with a bold print and perfect match!

And love this zebra cushion, the fabric texture is gorgeous! nenavon

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spring Cocktail...

Since spring has sprung- so to speak- it is time to start bringing out the Cocktails!

I am a big fan of an aperitif... My parents when I was growing up used to always have Pimms by the pool or Caprioskas with nibbles before dinner. I loved this time- it was generally a great refreshing way to wet the appetite after a long day and cool down in the balmy Sydney Summer heat!

We generally went through fazes- so Pimms one summer, Dark 'n Stormy's the next depending how we felt.

This Spring / Summer I am liking the Apple Martini! I love a really well made martini- and have been on the hunt for a great recipe for apple martini's... they need to use proper stewed apples, a really good vodka, a hint of cinnamon and should take a couple of days to prepare! No short cuts! (As you can see I take my drinking seriously :) )

Stew 8 granny smith apples cored and skinned with a cinnamon stick, 750ml cloudy apple juice and a table spoon of sugar. Leave to simmer low and slow till the apples dissolve.

Take off stove and leave to cool.

Strain liquid through a sieve with muslin.

Add 1 ltr bottle of 42 below honey.

Leave in fridge for at least a day is not longer!

To serve:

Chill a martini glass and rim with a mix of sugar and cinnamon.

Strain in liquid.

Slice a piece of granny smith apple and float on top.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My island home...

Spring has sprung! In Australia today is the first day of the really long awaited spring- and I am planning to make the most of it. As you might have gathered it is pretty flat chat at work this last month- so I am planning on getting away!

I just love this villa on Bedarra Island (fort hose of you not local to Aus, it is just off the coast in Far North Queensland) which you can take for a week or longer through Contemporary Beach Houses and Villas. It has been remodeled by renowned interior architect Ian Moore and has been featured in Wallpaper, Vogue Living and Belle, not to mention countless books on Luxury Beach Houses and Villas.

The original house was owned by renowned artist Noel Wood in the early 20th Century and when Ian Moore remodeled he kept some of the original features of the house. It features two queen sized beds and the original studio. It is absolute indulgence!

Your own private beach... bliss!

The 'comfortably modernist' interiors to quote Contemporary Hotels themselves...

Outdoor bathing facilities... pour me one now!

Outdoor entertaining- great for cocktails at sunset over looking 'your' beach!

The 'studio'- idyllic isn't it?

I am so going to look into going- hoping not too booked out! If your looking for a week getaway so check out Contemporary Beach Houses and Villas!
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