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Friday, September 10, 2010

Moped madness....

Ok so over the weekend as we where visiting my parents for Father's Day, my brother had a small accident with the Car and wrote it off! Luckily everyone is well and I had no particular love for my car, so I am not holding any grudge.

However I am now on the painful and traumatic hunt for a new car. My major hitch is budget-(I am really trying to keep it low as I am saving for a house) and I really don't like new cars.

As you all know I am a vintage girl at heart and my first love was a 1953 Morris Minor fully restored and sprayed in 1979 Porsche White (which was an off cream) and had been reupholsted lovingly by my parents in burgundy and cream. I just simply loved that car! Dad and Mum spent a year doing it up for me and it drove like a dream and was so cute!

So now my what car to get and should I just go- I should get what I really want an old car though it is not as reliable but I will love it and willingly spend money on it. Or get a newer but not new model that wont last as long but can be an interim car or another thing I wanted to do for ages is buy a moped- which I could get a brand new one!

So can you see me on a Vespa? I love Vespa's as they still have that classic design and good looks- great marriage between vintage chic and practicality! And the good thing is if I buy it now- I get a free coffee machine! I am thinking maybe white? Or they have a cool orange one! You all know how big an orange fan I have become!

I do need to get my learners- but figure I should be able to do that over one weekend. Am i insane?! Is this just moped madness!?! Help any advice is useful! Camxox

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