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As a girl I used to spend hours with my mother on the weekends searching through antique auctions and bric a brac stores. As an adult nothing much has changed, only how much I'm allowed to spend! This is my way of sharing my love with people who love good design and pretty little things.

Friday, April 30, 2010

New York loft...

If there is one place that comes to mind when you mention style in America it is New York; the hub of fashionists, the home of Sex in the City and one of my favourite shows the younger version of S.I.T.C. Gossip Girl. HOT! And to me they idea of a New York loft is heaven. All that open plan space, the high ceilings, amazing beams and raw surfaces gives you an amazing blank canvas on which you can splash your own style. And don't the New Yorkers do it well?

From Living Etc a mix between Balinese chic and contemporary style...

This loft in Brooklyn NY from Style Files is stunning! Check out those amazing beams and sky light...

Sheer curtain really add a romantic air against the functional loft... oh and light is AMAZING!

From Apartment Therapy is this amazing Soho loft owned by Marcus Nispel. Once again I love the rawness of materials; the brick, the exposed beams, the unadorned windows, those amazing art deco lights, the floor to ceiling book shelf... this is my heaven!

I love this staircase against the stripped back walls... the height of that ceiling is just awesome!

And who doesn't need a lap pool in their amazing loft!

Enjoy your weekend everyone. I will be off on my first day of jewellery making- so wish me luck! Hopefully I will soon have unique pieces to wear & hopefully not too 'unique' that they are really not functional. :) xox

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mad about Morocco...

I have been fascinated by Morocco ever since I was a young girl listening to stories my parents told me of their travels in the 70's. So it was little wonder that when I got to go backpacking it was one of my must sees and one of my favourite places. I feel in love with the colour, the smells and the vibrancy of the country.

Moroccan style has really started to become big again in the last couple of years. The depth of colour and the contrast in materials make it a designers dream and it is no wonder that it is fast becoming revived.

Here are some of the fantastic images I remember. These are what they draw from when they produce the vibrant colours that reflected in their homes and decor.

This is a beautiful modern Moroccan room from Room Envy. I love the white with the traditional Moroccan silver... really serene.

I love this traditional table set with silver...

This is truly your own Moroccan oasis. The sheer curtains elect memories of Bedouin tents and the table is similar to the one my parents bought home from Morocco years ago. Theirs was a brass top with similar legs and I believe they traded an iron for it!

I love these poufs! A fantastic blog site and old school friend of mine Once.Daily.Chic did a feature on these in a blog about 'Magical Moroccan', for more details and more amazing poufs, check it out! Also this table is really chic, don't you think?

The large Moroccan hurricane lamps in this shot are gorgeous, great for entertaining as a feature and adding atmosphere.

This is a fantastic table from Ashe. Ashe is a Western Australian design pair who also create amazing one of the kind pieces from their own fabrics. Girls check it out!

Moroccan homewares are great for entertaining. You can create a visual sensation with colour, glass and silver. These cups are great for both little drinks or as tea light candles.

Here is a cute table set for a Moroccan tea party from Weekend Host.

Italian inspiration....

I must admit I have been rather enamoured with Italian living since watching a movie called 'Stealing Beauty' which is set in the wine valley of Tuscany. The back drop of the rolling hills covered by vines added to the sun bleached walls and earthly tones of fresco's left to fade, all create a sense of lazy indulgence that seems to follow through to their way of life. Everything is about food, passion and family. Who wouldn't want to live there?

Italians have such a strong sense of design in both fashion and home, from city chic to country charm they get it right each time.

These opulent rooms are all from designer Savio Firmino and care of Luxury Interior Design and Decorations.

Once again my love of the claw bathtub features heavily! :) Oh and love the sheer curtain in the second pic!

From the chic city style to the simplicity of the country. The Italians have this amazing light that makes their homes look inviting and warm. You can just imagine curling up in the sun in a little nook and reading till your eye's grow heavy or breaking bread warm from daylights touch and dipping it in fresh extra virgin olive oil as you sip on a good glass of Chianti.

All Italian country houses have a pagola, somewhere to eat, laugh and watch the last embers of sun fade into the night...

Or how about somewhere to dive into to refresh your tired limbs...

This is a beautiful country apartment with lime washed walls that reflect the colours of the sofa...

How sweet are these light switches, I love the faded wall paper against the rustic paint. This to me is the images of Italy I fell in love with... *sigh* Images care of Mary Lou.

But to be a true Italian you must get around in style... So want one!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Art of French Living

I thought this week I would devote my blogs to international style and as one of the most stylish countries I thought it only right to begin with the art of French living.

I once heard that the art of French living is in daily changing your decor and refreshing your home. This they do through small changes, fresh flowers, a cushion here to there, a chair by the window now by the door, to larger changes such as refreshing the cushions and curtains from spring to summer or moving the living room to face a different way.

They also believe that every meal is an occasion and will pick the plates, glassware and silverware to compliment the food and wine. They believe that different weights effect how you feel whilst eating and drinking.

I love the idea that you create a new space to live in everyday and your home reflects the seasons and your mood. I love the attention to detail that goes into everything they do and that their style is reflected in they way the live their lives.

This living room from Designers Guild, is French apartment chic. How amazing is the duck egg blue love seat? One of the things french do well is details; notice the fresh flowers in various sized vases and the lovely heavy curtain tiebacks that hang from the door handle, so stylish! Oh and the bare floorboards, I think I could go on forever about this room there are so many textures and details... This room is romantic french living at it's best.

What an amazing apartment this is from Decorology. Imagine waking everyday to these soothing tones and romantic chic.

I love this country dining room space. The armoire is overflowing with different plates and tea sets... once again so many details, so casually chic.

French excel at the art of white, from the starch white sheets to the beautiful French bed...

A beautiful French kitchen from Euro Antique Market once again the subtle tones of natural and white only gently highlighted by the lemon yellow of the flowers and the natural wood tones of the pantry door and fabulous kitchen table.

Also from Decorology... you all will know what I love about this!

And how romantic and idyllic is this painters barn in France from Creative Country House. I think I could quite happily live and work here and be inspired everyday by the amazing beams and beautiful light.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank You

To all those who have supported me through my first week of blogging...

I hope your enjoying reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it!

C.A.M xox

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A little something for our boys oversea's...

Well since Sunday is ANZAC day I thought I would devote this blog to all our ANZAC's throughout the years ... And even if your boy isn't serving I am sure he would sure appreciate this just as much. So here is to the boy's that keep us safe, what ever you do, where ever you are!

To honour the troops throughout the years... Here's a few images of what would have kept the boy's going even when the odds were against them. Oh and should still work for your boy...

This is from The Fashion Time featuring Dita Von Teese's own line of vintage inspired lingerie. Almost straight from the 1940's, so sexy!

I love this site from the UK with so many sexy little sets... Ophelia Fancy Couture specialises in handmade and vintage lingerie and bedwear. I love this chocolate set with the Cammi nickers and cute little tie top... who wants to go to bed when you look that cute?

This is so sweet from Wedding Magazing UK, not sure it really war era, but how dreamy is it?

And a couple for the boys in white. First is direct from a little site called 'What Kate Did', inspired by the sailor's of the second world war. This set is so cheeky and comes complete with suspenders... & a real woman always wears suspenders!

The last three are from a Melbourne store which sells vintage inspired lingerie called Hopeless (how addorable is the name too!).

Love the halter neck tie bra, so sweet.

Ok really some of this was just for me as I just love lingerie... Happy Friday, enjoy your long weekend! x
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