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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My foray into the blogging world.

I must contribute this post to an old school friend of mine who has inspired me to venture into the world of blogging. Her blog caught my eye one day with a vibrant splash of colour and a beautiful eye for the stylish. From there I have delved into design blogs around the world who's love of beauty and design have mirrored and indulged my own. And so here I am months later wanting share my love of vintage and handmade pieces that are found and brought back to life in peoples homes.

For those who don't know me I have a small obsession with ladders. My brother constantly makes reference to the fact he doesn't think a ladder has a place in the home. To him I dedicate this blog.... The ladder in all it's revived glory. This is the true spirit of finding something unique and giving a sense of place in the home, plus you can pick one up for only about $20.

From Home Decor Genie. This one ticks a few of my boxes, love the leather chairs and love the zebra striped carpet too...

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From a store in South Africa Froggatt and Frost, you could pick this up and put it straight into a country home.

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This is fantastic. Not only a great idea for displaying your kitchen wares (I can see a beautiful old ladder with rusty hinges hung with copper pots and pans)it also makes a great feature in your kitchen.

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This might be taking the ladder too far but do love the bold use. Warning if you want to try it you will need tall cielings to pull it off!

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