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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A little something for our boys oversea's...

Well since Sunday is ANZAC day I thought I would devote this blog to all our ANZAC's throughout the years ... And even if your boy isn't serving I am sure he would sure appreciate this just as much. So here is to the boy's that keep us safe, what ever you do, where ever you are!

To honour the troops throughout the years... Here's a few images of what would have kept the boy's going even when the odds were against them. Oh and should still work for your boy...

This is from The Fashion Time featuring Dita Von Teese's own line of vintage inspired lingerie. Almost straight from the 1940's, so sexy!

I love this site from the UK with so many sexy little sets... Ophelia Fancy Couture specialises in handmade and vintage lingerie and bedwear. I love this chocolate set with the Cammi nickers and cute little tie top... who wants to go to bed when you look that cute?

This is so sweet from Wedding Magazing UK, not sure it really war era, but how dreamy is it?

And a couple for the boys in white. First is direct from a little site called 'What Kate Did', inspired by the sailor's of the second world war. This set is so cheeky and comes complete with suspenders... & a real woman always wears suspenders!

The last three are from a Melbourne store which sells vintage inspired lingerie called Hopeless (how addorable is the name too!).

Love the halter neck tie bra, so sweet.

Ok really some of this was just for me as I just love lingerie... Happy Friday, enjoy your long weekend! x

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