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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The perfect relaxation room...

Like every girl I love a good soak in a bathtub. After a long day at work all I can think of is pouring myself a long bath, burning candles and climbing in with a good book and a glass of wine. As such the bathroom to me is a key room in the house, not just a convenience. So my dream bathroom consists of...

Love this space, imagine lying back looking at the beams, flooded by light from those windows or staring into the starry night. Plus who doesn't need antlers to hang their bath sheet on!

Though being a vintage girl I really love claw bathtubs! My parents even bought me one to turn into a coffee table once. And this is just divine with the large back on it so that you can sit up and read and still sink into the depths... DIVINE!

It maybe a little decadent but really every girl needs somewhere they can perch & pull on their stockings.

But best of all when it is a hard day, you really need....

& remember the best memories are always made with a 'close' friend! :) Enjoy.

Images care of Marley & Locker, Colour Outside the lines & Windham Hill.

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