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Friday, April 30, 2010

New York loft...

If there is one place that comes to mind when you mention style in America it is New York; the hub of fashionists, the home of Sex in the City and one of my favourite shows the younger version of S.I.T.C. Gossip Girl. HOT! And to me they idea of a New York loft is heaven. All that open plan space, the high ceilings, amazing beams and raw surfaces gives you an amazing blank canvas on which you can splash your own style. And don't the New Yorkers do it well?

From Living Etc a mix between Balinese chic and contemporary style...

This loft in Brooklyn NY from Style Files is stunning! Check out those amazing beams and sky light...

Sheer curtain really add a romantic air against the functional loft... oh and light is AMAZING!

From Apartment Therapy is this amazing Soho loft owned by Marcus Nispel. Once again I love the rawness of materials; the brick, the exposed beams, the unadorned windows, those amazing art deco lights, the floor to ceiling book shelf... this is my heaven!

I love this staircase against the stripped back walls... the height of that ceiling is just awesome!

And who doesn't need a lap pool in their amazing loft!

Enjoy your weekend everyone. I will be off on my first day of jewellery making- so wish me luck! Hopefully I will soon have unique pieces to wear & hopefully not too 'unique' that they are really not functional. :) xox

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  1. New York really set the trend in terms of design for lofts; you can categorize them from simple to fabulous. They definitely know how to satisfy people’s needs and wants. These photos are just some of those spaces. You can see how gorgeous they are on photos, what more in real life. Anyway, thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

    Ling Mancil


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