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Monday, May 3, 2010

Pink rooms for grown up girls....

Now I know you're all going to think I have gone insane when saying I think pink has a place in the home. I know it is girly and probably a little 'twee' but really every girl has a soft spot for pink. And to show you it can work (if you can smuggle it in past your boy!) check out these beautiful rooms...

From Domestikated File.... this is a subtle use of pink, I love the owl cushion and the faded pink carpet!

This is gorgeous from House Beautiful... yes it is getting slight more girly with pink faded walls, but how lovely is the faded tapestry and the flowers!

I love the grey and pink from Martha Stewart and really falling in love with tapestry's (mental note to use these in my home!)...

How stunning is the candy stripped pink wall paper? This is fantastic but I really think you might need a large space like they have to pull it off!

This day bed is awesome and looks so comfy!

This is a great modern room, the pink adds a air of 'mod' design (added to that stunning chair) and really you should be able to get away with selling him on curtains and cushions, since they are designed to be changed with your mood!

You can just use a small amount of pink as your highlights, I love this white dining room from Charming Innovations with the pink prints, cushions and flowers.

So I hope I have convinced you that pink has a place in the home... now I am off to find those tapestry's!

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