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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My new found love...

Ok so I briefly mentioned Etsy yesterday but today I thought I would share with the world my new found love. I stumbled on Etsy whilst indulging in my new love of blogs about 2 months ago and have fallen deeply, hopelessly and irrevocably in L.O.V.E!

I know this sounds like I am going over board but really I think you have to see it yourself to understand. It is a great way to shop for fresh, unique, innovative design with out spending a fortune! Plus this brings a whole new level to 'window shopping' as I could spend hours curled up on the sofa finding new 'loves'.

Loving Esty for...

One of a kind pieces of jewellery... most viewed would have to be Laliv Jewelry and More , she is new but her pieces are really beautiful, sort of Egyptian don't you think?

Handmade by Bluebird has really cute costume jewellery pieces... and people remember my birthday is coming up and still in time for them to deliver! :) Loving...

I have also been one a search for something to fill my blank walls at the moment and so have been happily procrastinating by looking at prints. I love these from Happy Thought, they also make alot of individual ones for chic children's rooms... check them out!

I also love these poster prints from Sparkle Power, to be honest I stumbled on to these guys when looking for vintage bunting, another time I will explain that small obsession though I have attached some shots of the bunting to show you as well....

I guess what I really love about Etsy is that you can search and find just about anything! This is just a small amount of stuff I love and really had to stop short as this was getting really long, so I promise to post more. But for now check it out & happy shopping! xox

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