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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Food for thought...

Being Mothers Day on Sunday I am on a mission to find something new to make for breakfast for her. On special occasions we normally cook Bill's corn fritters or ricotta and blue berry pancakes. Both by the way delicious options! But this year I am inspired to think outside of our normal food square and am looking for inspiration. Please feel free to contribute if you have tried something that is simply food heaven...

Bill's Corn Fritters from Lifestyle Food... these are amazing but use only 2/3rd to half of the batter you are told to make!

Panettone french toast with mixed berries from Taste sounds delicious... But I have to find panettone?

I also think for presentation these Egg and Bacon Filo Pie's from Taste are really cute and look like real effort has been made, so bonus brownie points!

Not sure if Mum would really like this but how could i resist adding it when it is called 'Green Eggs and Ham'? Sam I am! A recipe by Michael Smith from Chef at Home.

To be honest I am really stuggling to find something really different and inspiring! Please, please help me if you know of anything! xox

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  1. im going to do fritters with horseraddish creme fraiche & smoked salmon with a poached egg ontop...and then pannacotta for dessert (this is for lunch btw!)
    sal x


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