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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cushion dilemma...

I have been on the search for some cushions since I purchased my new couches about six months ago. I must admit I am getting really fussy. It doesn't help that I stumbled over this amazing store in Alexandria who will custom make cushions from vintage fabrics that she has sourced from Paris, Italy, America etc. She makes each one with different fabrics front and back and pipes them. She will make a set with no two cushions the same and each a masterpiece in it's own right but match perfectly to each other. They are amazing and of course have a price tag to match! So I was told pretty quickly I was not allowed those...

So my search began... I am lucky as my couches are cream one day black the next, thanks to the wonderful interchangeable covers! So I can mix up colours to match the couches or my mood.

Right at the moment I am loving...

Knitted cushions and matching throw from Ideal Home Magazine to snuggle under on a lazy Sunday.

Owls are really in at the moment, and I can see why- such a cute feature cushion... This one is vintage design from The Butterfly House.

And he would look so cute nestled in amongst a pile of these cushions... I really do like this folk look.

How cute is this from John Lewis as a feature cushion? Would look so good on my black couch!

I am definitely loving the use of word cushions or letter cushions... These are great from Lucy Jordon Designs...

See my dilemma? With all this choice and so many different looks you can create- how am I to just pick a couple?!! Though I must admit that Etsy is my new found friend, so many cute and unique pieces!

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