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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Little green bottle....

I am noticing more and more of these fantastic bottles being used for events. I really love them. I would love to have them as a centerpiece on tables, I can imagine them in all different sizes and shapes with little tags that say... Drink me. Just like Alice in Wonderland, so cute and different!

This image is via Polkadot Bride... I love the idea of having an old fashioned soda bar at an event, and these bottles look delectable and are fantastic colours! I can just imagine if I did this I would create a 'stand' and have my cute little bunting around the top!

This is Amy from Eat Drink Chic's take on it, I love the pastel colours...

Here are the straws she also found from Hungry Girl which fit in so nicely.

This shot is from Green Wedding Shoes, it is a little bar that was set up for a backyard wedding, so cute! I love how American weddings are 'styled' like a fashion shoot... They are really amazing works of art and the detail they go to is incredible.

So cute! Makes me want to host a party just so I can create soda bar of my own. xox

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