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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I think I've gone industrial...

I have fallen head over heels for industrial lighting... I currently live in a big 3 bedroom townhouse that was built in the 70's (it has the tiling to prove it!) and I would love to use these big industrial lights in the living room and dining room space. I really think it would sit so nicely against my feather down couches and my brothers beautiful black Eame's chair, don't you think?

Love this old medical light, you can move them to highlight different spaces.

How cool is this? Love it! Love the rawness of the light globes!

I also really like these industrial chairs, perfect against the wooden table!

But love these spring chairs! OMG!

How cute for bedside table lighting? And very functional as you can expand and retract!

I would love this beside my brother's Eame's chair... Coco Republic have some beautiful new ones but David Met Nicole have some amazing old ones!

Oh I am definitely going to look into these some more! I have so many idea's! xox

P.S go onto Coco Republic's site for car / furniture porn! My two love's in one!

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