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As a girl I used to spend hours with my mother on the weekends searching through antique auctions and bric a brac stores. As an adult nothing much has changed, only how much I'm allowed to spend! This is my way of sharing my love with people who love good design and pretty little things.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Winter survival pack...

Ok whilst I am complaining that in Sydney it is down to 5 degrees in the mornings, I know others have it worse but still I am freezing! So I thought I would put up my winter survival must haves that will keep me going through this cold snap. (And by the way to the cynics out there- a.k.a Mr M it is the coldest winter since the mid 80's- yes not as cold as Japan but still cold for here!)

Ok a couple of must haves straight up are some fashion accessories. I love a good knitted scarf in winter and because I am massive hat fan a really nice black wool fedora! And the great thing about going shopping now is it is end of year and everything is on sale! These two are from Witchery- the 'Winter Soft Scarf' and 'Black Fedora'...

Also a nice winter jacket and high boots! Also from Witchery the Rib Collar Plaid Jacket and the Black Leather High Boots. Oh and you might need the Vintage Wash Zip Jeans to top the outfit off!

Chanel Hydration Mask- if your skin is anything like mine at the moment i.e. dry and tight this is a MUST buy for winter. I am really sensitive and can't use many products and a couple of years ago a dear friend of mine who is a Chanel Ambassador gave me a goody bag from a lunch she was hosting and ever since I am a convert. It is a mask and you are supposed to use it only a couple of times a week at max but I use just a drop at the moment instead of moisturiser in the morning and my skin feels amazing! (This might be too heavy for some but still as a mask you'll LOVE it!)

You also need to deck your living room and bed room out with some winter warmers in wool. I am loving by Home Life this amazing image. I love greys in winter!

Also from Luna Gallery some fantastic wool bed accessories. Once again love the greys but I do think nice autumn colours like oranges go so well to add a splash of colour- as winter really should have colours thrown in to make it cheerful and bright and lighten the room!

In winter I am all about food, slow cooked, time intensive, hunger filling meals that satisfy the heart and soul. I find winter is all about breaking bread with friends over stews with deep glasses of red wine. This weekend I am definitely going to try this fantastic recipe from Gourmet Traveller from the Rustic Italian Recipe article 'Pork Ragu with Porcini and Muscat'.

And winter really allows for indulgence (who notices under all those layers a couple of extra kg's) so I definitely think I would have to finish with a rich moreish desert and for those who know me well a nice desert wine! Maybe a port or a muscat... Maybe this one from Gourmet Traveller from the article entilted Let Them Eat Cake the 'Persian Love Cake' (I just love the title- also would be lovely if your not entertaining a whole host of friends but just an intimate evening in for two.)

But my ultimate way of surviving winter is to call a few close friends, pack up and head away for a weekend of fires, food and wine... Umm yes I think somewhere in the Hunter would be in order! xox

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stop Press!

Viv over at Ish and Chi just posted the most amazing discovery of custom vintage bikes from Papillionaire in Melbourne and they post all over the world!

Now for all those who love me and are dying to show it... I would love you forever if you found it in your heart to give me...

Now i don't mind it in powdered duck egg blue (Maya for when you buy), with cream tyres but if you wouldn't mind asking if they could stretch to cream body that would be lovely. :) xox

P.S and don't be stingy I want the leather seat and grips with wicker basket and chrome carrier... please. :)

Chalk it up to fun...

I have blogged a couple of times on the use of chalkboards in the home and the more and more I see the more and more I love this idea. So today's blog is dedicated to the different and sometimes quite interesting uses of chalkboard's in the home.

I love this first shot... I am not too sure where I found it as have it in my file of images that I collect. I love the chalkboard's to organise and I also love that soap bin. So sweet!

What a great idea to organise your herbs and remember what you potted. Cheap too- just buy the chalk paint and a terracotta pot!

From O Magazine. Yes the great Oprah has reached my blog- she truly is everywhere. What a great idea instead of a mirror.

Love this idea from dinner parties, this way it is easy to change names for new guests!

From Living Etc how cool is this storage seat for kids? Once again once I get over my heart attack of chalk going all over the place!

From Decor Pad two great uses in the kitchen- love the white clean and girly pantry with the chalkboard door and LOVE chalkboard cabinetry- what an awesome way to remember which door holds what! p.s though I am never that organised!

Ok so you probably wouldn't think for the bathroom- but wouldn't you prefer to look at this sometimes then self doubt? :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tag it with love...

I love brown luggage tags- I think my love originated from Paddington Bear as a child and I have never let it go. I have been using them for my own styling for a while now, but I have also been inspired by other blogs use of paper tags in event planning.

Here are some of my favourites...

The following are from the ever amazing Green Wedding Shoes. This is from a wedding in Idaho. I love the pinned in notice board to find your seats and then tied somewhere on the table to know which seat.

From a very cute green wedding... very cute and easily made with a plain tag and cute stamps.

I love these labels from Cori + John’s Sweet Outdoor Wedding... the stationary they used was absolutely divine- so nicely aged and vintage and these unique labels fit perfectly.

Last week Eat Drink Chicposted a lovely D.Y. article on Summer Floral Gift Tags. To check out how to make these amazing tags and T&C's of use please go to Eat Drink Chic to find out more....

They really are cute and make an occasion quite personal. You can pick up some kitsch designs from Kikki K, though really I think they are cute if they are simply made from old brown luggage tags and string- all you then need are cute rubber stamps and you get a great handmade rustic feel. xox

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Friday!

Yay it is almost the weekend... I am so looking forward to a relaxing one. I have booked myself a massage and a facial for some pampering tomorrow and of course I start golf on Sunday! I am very excited. I think I might do a quick shop on Sat to make sure I am appropriately attired. I did show my brother what I was thinking of wearing and he said he was safe in the knowledge I wouldn't with this weather! :) But tonight before I do any of that is 'date night' and it is a first date at that! Wish me luck! :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and urge you to check out one of the events for Winter Festival if you're looking for something to do. Or there is always Paddington Markets on Saturday and I had a lovely day last Sunday strolling around the Bondi markets and would highly recommend you drop by to Hi to Sandy at Swell in Bronte for brunch or lunch if you're down that way.

Now I know this is a tease if you are in Sydney like I am but since I am in the mood to really relax this weekend- how nice would this be?

Happy weekends all enjoy whatever you're doing! xox

Travel gems...

A girlfriend posted to me on FB yesterday if I knew where any good toiletries bags for travelling could be found. So Kimmy this blog hopefully will give you some answers! I must say I was a bit sad to see her old one go as it was an Uchi we purchased in David Jones together years and years ago and has literally been around the world with us on our adventures through Asia, the Middle East and lived with us in the UK. Not to mention endless weekends of local travel where it is normally joined by two Country Road bags!

Ages ago I found this fantastic site called Ciao Bella Travel who specialises in beautiful travel accessories for women travellers. If anyone is a frequent traveller or planning a trip this site is a must visit. They have carefully selected their products based on quality and what would help make travel more enjoyable. So please jump on their site and have a browse around!

They have a great range from Apple & Bee that are made from great fabrics and when fold out really allow you to get a lot in! These are my favourites...

This is the ultimate from the range it is the bowling bag! (This is only sold on the Apple & Bee site.)

'The apple & bee bowling bag is designed to be practical, for everyday use - it's also great for travel, or taking anywhere for that matter!! The outer bag is organic cotton with the unique apple & bee designs and a water proof lining, for those leaky product disasters. There are 2 inside pockets to store small make up items so you won't loose anything. Made with genuine leather handles, it is a timeless and sophisticated style that just wont date!'

Apple & Bee also have these gorgeous overnight bags!

Apple & Bee also have a gorgeous range of tote bags and what i call 'Mummy' bags for baby's needs. Anyway check out Apple & Bee!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quite a question...

I love this question...

Opens up realms of possibility doesn't it?

Winter Festival...

Yay you don't know how excited I was last night when I found out the Winter Festival was launching today! In a flurry of texts and facebooking last night I quickly booked our tickets to Ice Skating in the park. This event sold out last year in two days. So if you want to go I urge you to do the same call everyone and grab tickets now!

The alpine Winter Festival's new ice rink is four times the size of last year and after your skate you can enjoy alpine themed foods in the numerous stalls and drink jugs of mulded wine! This is a great opportunity to sit by cozy wood fires and enjoy Sydney in all its joy of fun and celebration. Plus we can dress up like Anna Carena in muffs and fur coats and skate like Torvill and Dean!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ladies who golf...

So I am starting golfing lessons on Sunday. Yay, how much fun! My girlfriend and I are booked in at Northbridge and ready to go. I have been warned to not go O.T.T before I even start and see how I like it but really you know me... I don't think anything is really done till I have gone O.T.T!

So for an outfit I am thinking my girlfriend and I can go dressed like these ladies! I figure at least if we are hopeless we will look good, plus the skirt is so short I am hoping the boys will forgive us if we take 10 hits down the fairway to get to a green as we will be bending over a lot! :)

I also love that bag- very vintage! As one of my guy friends enthusiastically told me he had a set of clubs for me to borrow when I told him I was starting golfing and then proceeded to give me their history dating back to when his dad was a kid- I do believe it will fit the era of my clubs.

Do you think they will let us take a pooch to round it off? xox

Sex in the City Style...

With the release of the new S.I.T.C I have just found a great Etsy store that sells fantastic ballet tulle skirts just like S.J.P.

I am loving Ouma! I also love their photography... the locations are great and the mood and lighting are fantastic!

The classic Sex in the City Dress... LOVE IT!

The Queens Croquet Ground. This would be a cute Alice in Wonderland themed bridesmaid dress.

Striped Carnival Part Dress. How cute is the ticket booth? Fantastic pink and oranges and the type-face on the signage is really sweet and all add that vintage Carnival feel.

Striped French Pierrot. That ticket booth is amazing for a location shot, the colours are awesome!

Romance & Ruffles- loving the rusted car in this shot and the perspective!

Quite the Menace. How good does that crumbling wall and fire crusted doorway frame the shot? I really love the atmosphere and lighting by this photographer. Wish I knew who took the shots!

I did check and they do deliver worldwide so go to Ouma for more information!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Berry bliss...

I am thinking since it is winter and time for wine and long cooked stews and nights by the fire it is a great time to get away with the girls on a girls weekend. So I have been on a mission over the last couple of days to find somewhere to book. I actually found this house a couple of years ago but never got to go- so thinking this just might be the time to book!

The house is Merribee in Berry it sleeps 18 and the reason I love it is mainly the immaculate styling of the accommodation and the amazing garden surrounds.

There are two accommodation facilities the main house and the granary.The main house sleeps 18-20 and is very family friendly!

It has lots of nooks and crannies for you to relax and read in. I love their use of white through out with the blue or red striped cushions... very relaxing.

Huge kitchen dining space... Love the high bar stool chairs around the dining room table.

You'll notice it comes very well stocked with local produce...

Great area for outdoor entertaining...

You can see why this might be my style of lazy weekend... YAY claw foot bath!

They also have a fantastic room for the kids to stay and play- how cool are the bunk beds built in the walls? I can imagine kids staying up and whispering and giggling in their own little hidy holes!

For the adults there are plush beds made up with fine cotton sheets designed for you not want to get out of...

You can also sit out under the huge veranda and relax and read. I love cane chairs- so comfy and causally chic (must be the shabby chic girl in me!)

The grounds are so divine- and they often cater for weddings!

You can also play games either tennis on the private court, volleyball, boules, table tennis and short stroll from the beach or river.

The Granary sleeps 2 and is gorgeous! Beautiful stone walls and it feels like your sleeping in a light house! How cool?!

They also sell outside the farm produce- if I was getting married I would completely find out if I could utilise this fantastic cart!

So who is in for a weekend away? :) xox

All images care of Merribee for bookings please visit their website!
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