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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Black is back...

I will be honest I never thought I would want to decorate with black in my home... I am quite simply a cream girl. But last week as I was looking through the amazing photo's from Lonny Mag I saw and LOVED a black bathroom. Wow could a cream girl go black?

From Lonny Mag... the stark white against the black is striking! I really thought you shouldn't do black in a small space because it makes it seem smaller- but this adds atmosphere and makes it seem very dramatic.

The first three are from Decor Pad.

Featuring Martensen Jones Interiors Powder Room. How awesome is that wallpaper?! Also love the water jug.

More and more I am seeing yellow used against black to create a dramatic and striking look. I am also a fan of those mismatched lamps but out of the same yellow and same shades.

This last one is fantastic... the black just sets off the crisp white. Love the blanket and pillows. I also love the head board made simply out of white boarding and the feature mirror.

Another yellow against black... how dramatic is this bathroom featuring my favorite claw bath tub, heavy black drapes and that gorgeous yellow bedroom chair? (small criticism would change those green tiles to white with a black feature tile!)

Apartment Therapy featured this kitchen last week. I know it isn't strictly 'black' but love the chalk board wall!

From Made by a Girl... a black staircase... this was another image that inspired me last week to go black... the banisters in white look stunning!

This one is interesting as most of the black rooms so far go for the dramatic white and black contrast where this room uses woods and naturals. I love the fire place!

Anyway the moral of the story is I wouldn't be afraid to use black... even as a shabby chic girl at heart! I really think it can be striking and in the older homes it really makes the most of the old arcatraving. xox

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  1. I'm totally obsessed with black and white at the moment. It is just so striking and black is actually a warm 'colour' so can often make a room quite cosy if done right.


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