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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On the hunt...

So sorry I have been so silent for a while, I have been recovering from tonsillitis and so feeling very sorry for myself.

For a while now I have been on the hunt for a table that can sit behind my couch and double as a work space with my lap top. I really want on old trestle table made out of an old door and rusty metal legs.... but have yet to find one slim enough to work behind the couch, and just made up for me to buy. :)

So this is the concept...

I love the desk surface on this table, the wood that has been worked till it is smooth...

I love the chair and leg shape on this table. I keep mentioning my love of Danish 70's design and this shape harps back to that. Would sit beautifully with my brothers Eames chair... but so far everything I have found in this style is costing an arm and a leg! I really though should stop just looking at Vampt Design in Surry Hills and falling in love with everything I see... Luckily it is also too wide to fit in that space which means I could feel a lot better about not buying it! :)

Here are two tables by Vampt Designs to show you what I mean, both of which I would love in my house... I do think the light oak would fit really nicely with my destressed coffee table. Oh I wish I had money!

Anyway if someone know's of a nice afordable option woud love to know about it! xox

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  1. There is a desk at officeworks (i kid you not!) that is identical to that first one!


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