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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sex in the City Style...

With the release of the new S.I.T.C I have just found a great Etsy store that sells fantastic ballet tulle skirts just like S.J.P.

I am loving Ouma! I also love their photography... the locations are great and the mood and lighting are fantastic!

The classic Sex in the City Dress... LOVE IT!

The Queens Croquet Ground. This would be a cute Alice in Wonderland themed bridesmaid dress.

Striped Carnival Part Dress. How cute is the ticket booth? Fantastic pink and oranges and the type-face on the signage is really sweet and all add that vintage Carnival feel.

Striped French Pierrot. That ticket booth is amazing for a location shot, the colours are awesome!

Romance & Ruffles- loving the rusted car in this shot and the perspective!

Quite the Menace. How good does that crumbling wall and fire crusted doorway frame the shot? I really love the atmosphere and lighting by this photographer. Wish I knew who took the shots!

I did check and they do deliver worldwide so go to Ouma for more information!

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