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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chalk it up to fun...

I have blogged a couple of times on the use of chalkboards in the home and the more and more I see the more and more I love this idea. So today's blog is dedicated to the different and sometimes quite interesting uses of chalkboard's in the home.

I love this first shot... I am not too sure where I found it as have it in my file of images that I collect. I love the chalkboard's to organise and I also love that soap bin. So sweet!

What a great idea to organise your herbs and remember what you potted. Cheap too- just buy the chalk paint and a terracotta pot!

From O Magazine. Yes the great Oprah has reached my blog- she truly is everywhere. What a great idea instead of a mirror.

Love this idea from dinner parties, this way it is easy to change names for new guests!

From Living Etc how cool is this storage seat for kids? Once again once I get over my heart attack of chalk going all over the place!

From Decor Pad two great uses in the kitchen- love the white clean and girly pantry with the chalkboard door and LOVE chalkboard cabinetry- what an awesome way to remember which door holds what! p.s though I am never that organised!

Ok so you probably wouldn't think for the bathroom- but wouldn't you prefer to look at this sometimes then self doubt? :)


  1. All the way through my teenage years I had an oversized chalkboard on the back of my bedroom door. It was meant to be a place to write a "to do list" for study but it ended up just being used as a place to collect random quotes and doodles.

    I also love the chalkboard bedroom wall in "500 Days of Summer" - something I would totally do. If I had any artistic talent.

  2. Yeah I would love if someone artistic contributed to my wall so I would have amazing artwork.

    It would be great to see yours now after so many years... find out the inner workings of a teenage boys mind- I wonder if it has changed! :)


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