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Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday's child is loving & giving...

Ok so for those who know me, know I have been 'slightly' clucky for a while now. So you will have excuse me as I indulge in a small fantasy for a sec! Hey it is Friday and Fridays should be filled with whimsy!

How gorgeous is this little girls room by Patricia Halpin Interiors? I love the cane egg chair and that amazing wall paper!

Ok this one is slightly more subtle from Decor Pad... I really have fallen in love with the wallpaper... I actually would love to track this down for a library wall... But how cool would it be lying in bed dreaming of places to travel? Very Rudyard Kipling!

Now this was one of the original images that inspired me by the talented Sal at Once.Daily.Chic (a must check out if you aren't a fan already!). I love this circus themed room... how cool is the pin wheel?

I love the wall decorations in this girls bedroom, how amazing is the poppy growth chart? I also think the chalk board boxes are inspirational (whilst having a small heart attack about it rubbing on things)!

This nursery is cool as- it is one for the chic mommy. Love the natural woven wallpaper, green zebra rug and chair. Very simple and contemporary.

I love once again the simplicity of this nursery. The painted cherry blossom decal, the pink and blue rug with matching tones in the cushions and blanket and that beautiful Moroccan ottoman!

This speaks to my vintage side, you will note the use of bunting which is my small obsession! I also love the kids chair and the vintage feel to the bedding.

There is something I do like and something I don't like about the last room- but can't quite put my finger on it. It is very sophisticated for a nursery and I do love though the green and brown stripped chest of draws! I do think though it is missing the light airy soothing tones of some of the rooms above. I don't know- what do you think?

Anyway only 4 and bit more hours of today to go till the weekend- what's the plans? xox


  1. Love the Circus room but I think the Cherry Blossoms take the cake for me.
    I agree with you on the last one, it's almost dark and foreboding rather than calming and young. I don't think I like it at all actually.
    Oh I saw some lovely wallpaper in a local store in Leichhardt yesterday and thought of you. I'll have to get a snap of it for you - or take you there, because the shopping is good too, I picked up a great belt and some earrings. It's the same place my clutch came from.

  2. Yeah it is dark and foreboding, I think I just like the green and brown... and could see those colours used in a different way to make a great boys room... new wallpaper store?! Yay take me take me! Loved your clutch so would love to have a look around. xox


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