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Monday, June 7, 2010

Outdoor Inspiration...

I know it is early to look at what to do this spring for your garden but this year I thought I would plan and so when the time comes I am ready for it! I have been searching sites for inspiration and found Goode Green a green roof design and installation company that are based in New York... whilst I can't do roof top, I do only have a small area to work with since I am in a town house with a small courtyard, so what I want is minimal effort - maxim impact.

This first style sheet is what I am looking for- I love the lawn with structured trees and the garden with different garden beds... I like the English garden look and feel to them.

I like the contrast of decking and hedges in this garden...

These next two are just really cool roof tops... love the idea of an almost lush meadow on the roof, and the vibrant yellow of the last garden would just be amazing to look at!

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