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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spell it out...

I have been wanting to buy some beautiful old vintage letters for ages now. I look every week on David Met Nicole to see what new ones they have or to hunt ones on sale. I first fell in love with the idea when a Stylist I used to work with in London brought beautiful guilded gold letters to a shoot. Unfortunately I have yet to really see quality ones come up at auctions, most of the ones in stores are imported and not local which make them more expensive.

I love this wall of mismatched vintage letters- I also love the casual styling of the french grocery bag.

While not classically vintage I do think the old typewriter keys picture is fantastic!

I am not even sure how this is done but I think it speaks to my love of industrial as I love those blue exposed shelves with the faded lettering above.

This is also not vintage though really easy to do yourself. Just grab some vintage mismatched plates (you can always grab some from bric a brac stores or auctions normally really cheap) and some paint and simply paint a statement!

Bedroom from Marley & Lockyer. This would be a gorgeous way to remember who's side is who's! :) And what a great head board out of an old fireplace (easy to pick up on ebay or auctions or trading post!)

Also from Marley & Lockyer -a simple statement...

This letter is amazing! And probably worth a small fortune... :)

This is a great mix of old frames and a letter. I have lots of these frames, you can easily pic them up now from markets and bric a brac stores.

Check out David Met Nicole for some amazing vintage letters and signage of all sorts of styles and designs or for French Zinc letters Ici et La in Surry Hills.


  1. did you see my post on complete pad?
    they have them!
    letters & numbers!

  2. Oh wow I will check them out! I do love that table they posted yesterday... They have amazing stuff! x


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