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As a girl I used to spend hours with my mother on the weekends searching through antique auctions and bric a brac stores. As an adult nothing much has changed, only how much I'm allowed to spend! This is my way of sharing my love with people who love good design and pretty little things.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I so want...

An Aga of my own....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I think I've gone industrial...

I have fallen head over heels for industrial lighting... I currently live in a big 3 bedroom townhouse that was built in the 70's (it has the tiling to prove it!) and I would love to use these big industrial lights in the living room and dining room space. I really think it would sit so nicely against my feather down couches and my brothers beautiful black Eame's chair, don't you think?

Love this old medical light, you can move them to highlight different spaces.

How cool is this? Love it! Love the rawness of the light globes!

I also really like these industrial chairs, perfect against the wooden table!

But love these spring chairs! OMG!

How cute for bedside table lighting? And very functional as you can expand and retract!

I would love this beside my brother's Eame's chair... Coco Republic have some beautiful new ones but David Met Nicole have some amazing old ones!

Oh I am definitely going to look into these some more! I have so many idea's! xox

P.S go onto Coco Republic's site for car / furniture porn! My two love's in one!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Little green bottle....

I am noticing more and more of these fantastic bottles being used for events. I really love them. I would love to have them as a centerpiece on tables, I can imagine them in all different sizes and shapes with little tags that say... Drink me. Just like Alice in Wonderland, so cute and different!

This image is via Polkadot Bride... I love the idea of having an old fashioned soda bar at an event, and these bottles look delectable and are fantastic colours! I can just imagine if I did this I would create a 'stand' and have my cute little bunting around the top!

This is Amy from Eat Drink Chic's take on it, I love the pastel colours...

Here are the straws she also found from Hungry Girl which fit in so nicely.

This shot is from Green Wedding Shoes, it is a little bar that was set up for a backyard wedding, so cute! I love how American weddings are 'styled' like a fashion shoot... They are really amazing works of art and the detail they go to is incredible.

So cute! Makes me want to host a party just so I can create soda bar of my own. xox

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Table success...

How cute are these low budget table centerpiece's made with flowers from Martha Stewart? So many people dismiss flowers that are cheap (as in $5 to $10 a bunch), but look at how sweet they look, plus they are generally available all year round. I love the idea that you can make a bunch of flowers spread further by using bud vases and by using all different types you create a striking table. Though true to my heart my favourite has to be the one with recycled tins...

These images have cheered me up and given me a little summer to this awful cold weather. Hope it does the same for you! xox

A perfect weekend in...

As winter is drawing in on us thick and fast I have been thinking about a beautiful winter getaway I took last year with good friends. Five of us drove down to Kookawood house about 15 mins drive out of Lithgow NSW. The house was this amazing A frame cabin that was beautifully decorated with old world charm. The owner had scrounged around markets and auctions to find cute pieces to decorate the house. The overall feel was rustic but in no way was it old and uncomfortable. The stove was state of the art, the floors in the bathroom were heated for your comfort, the sheets were crisp white linen- overall you felt that you were in the heart of the country with all the warmth and comfort of staying at an old friends home and best of all there was a great big fire that when blazing heated the whole house to perfection!

The entrance to Kookawood... how gorgeous is the stone work? They have beautifully created a resilient garden around the house that survives the harsh winter and still shows colour and vibrancy.

There are beautiful views from all around the house and you can enjoy them sitting on the love seat or rocking chair provided on any side of the huge surrounding veranda...

Great for lunch outdoors...

I love these little details in the garden! Throughout she has used gently rusting farm equipment that contrasts against the greenery...

The interior is beautifully decorated with antiques and nic nacs. The kitchen uses old fashioned design with modern technology in the state of the art stove. I however love the kitchen cabinets made up of three old kitchen dressers, how good does it look? Plus there are laying hens just out the back and we could go and get our own fresh eggs each morning for breakfast, for lunch and dinner we went to the herb garden and picked fresh herbs... this place is designed as a cooks dream getaway!

The bathroom, with amazing claw bath tub and remember even in winter it is toasty warm from the under floor heating...

The master bedroom with an amazing view of the valley below!

There are two main bedrooms in the main house however if you have a couple of extra guests you can also rent the cabin attached... very sweet for a couple of lovers...

And you would certainly need the fire when it can look like this first thing in the morning... but it makes it all the more worth while!

And the best thing is you can bring your best friend too...

All images care of Kookawood, for bookings please visit their website.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Down the rabbit hole...

I love this mood board so much from Crystal at Wed Share Daily that I just had to share! It is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and is perfect for a vintage wedding...

Monday, May 17, 2010

I think I have found my laptop bag!

The Maggie Bag by Pretty in Pink... how cute and it comes in all sorts of fabrics and only $69! Really nice and unique! I Love It!

Winter style...

Ever since I lived in London about three years ago I have been obsessed with Gumboots. Over in London they are everywhere as they built up a following amongst young girls for festival chic. I have yet to find anything over here as trendy as the ones in London and so my search is ongoing to find the perfect pair of Gumboots for winter.

You can get some really great designs now that show your personality, you shouldn't be afraid to make a statement with your boots!

I love this look for summer... I saw a girl the other day in little jean shorts and cool gumboots... they make a great statement piece.

Your formal gumboots!

Now this is an unique idea for a wedding shoe! At least you will cater for all types of weather... :)

Now if you know anything about gumboots it is that the biggest most prestigious brand is Hunter in the UK, they make them in all sorts of colours...

However if you want to really go all out these are from Hunter designed by Jimmy Choo!

I think these are my favourite, I love the cherry blossom design and they really show the little girl in me!

Although gumboots are now a fashion statement really they just make me want to jump in the mud! :)

For your own gumboots go to: Pretty in Pink Designs

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dreaming of a quiet getaway...

So I am a slightly quieter period of work at the moment and was told if I want holidays before the next hump of our really busy time take them in May... as May is quietly flying by and I still have much to do at work, it's probably not going to happen... but I can dream right?

This house is on my wish list and it is a house I have been watching for a while as it is for sale. 'If' I ever win lotto, I was going to have this as my first purchase. It is quietly nestled away on a small island called Dangar Island in the Hawkesbury region of NSW. The house is called Newlands and is just heavenly. I can imagine sitting outside in the summer sipping caprioska's and laughing with friends or in winter sitting by the fire reading.

Newlands feature's original cypress pine floorboards and white walls are used to define the spacious entertaining areas from the private wings. All the bedrooms feature wall to wall sisal carpet and soothing tones on the walls designed for relaxing.

The house consists of three bedrooms, the master includes an en suite with an outdoor shower for summer... I love the wall paper in the master... so striking yet neutral.

They have recently completed a renovation which includes imported custom made light fittings, European integrated kitchen appliances, porcelain sinks and antique brass faucets throughout. The renovation has truly focused on quality and four season comfort in all parts of the home.

And lastly my favorite room of all. They have used french and bifold doors to open all rooms onto the covered decks that surround the house and with outdoor gas heating you are ensured there is a perfect place to relax at all times of the day and year. I love the use of the striped blinds to protect you from the elements and it adds to the coastal feel, plus the use of cane and white furniture to give you the sense you can really relax and spend alot of time here...

All images care of: Hawkesbury River, also the perfect site to plan a weekend get away to the Hawkesbury!
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