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Monday, May 17, 2010

Winter style...

Ever since I lived in London about three years ago I have been obsessed with Gumboots. Over in London they are everywhere as they built up a following amongst young girls for festival chic. I have yet to find anything over here as trendy as the ones in London and so my search is ongoing to find the perfect pair of Gumboots for winter.

You can get some really great designs now that show your personality, you shouldn't be afraid to make a statement with your boots!

I love this look for summer... I saw a girl the other day in little jean shorts and cool gumboots... they make a great statement piece.

Your formal gumboots!

Now this is an unique idea for a wedding shoe! At least you will cater for all types of weather... :)

Now if you know anything about gumboots it is that the biggest most prestigious brand is Hunter in the UK, they make them in all sorts of colours...

However if you want to really go all out these are from Hunter designed by Jimmy Choo!

I think these are my favourite, I love the cherry blossom design and they really show the little girl in me!

Although gumboots are now a fashion statement really they just make me want to jump in the mud! :)

For your own gumboots go to: Pretty in Pink Designs


  1. There is a shop at Broadway that sells really cute designs in paisley and stuff.

  2. Thanks! I should go check it out... the problem is I saw these boots in London which had a nice heel and slim front (not disimilar to the formal ones I have shown, but nicer heel) and have been chasing something similar ever since! Australia only sell round toed ones... Cx


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