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Friday, June 11, 2010

Introducing - the ever so talented - Emma Cassi....

The other day I was on one of my fav blogs and low and behold there was an image from a photographer I used to work with in London. It got me thinking about the Stylists and Photographers I used to work with at Laura Ashley and what they are doing now. I ended up tracing back through that photographer and her agent a Stylist I so admired and had the absolute pleasure of working with and occasionally art directing along side- Emma Cassi.

Emma Cassi is one of these amazingly talented people who seem to make anything they touch beautiful. She is a lovely French girl living and working in London for some of the most aspirational brands and magazines. She not only styles beautiful photographs, she also makes the most amazing french lace jewellery that is sold in Harrods and other up market stores across London and Paris. Each piece is hand stitched, beaded and embroidered with vintage sequins, Japanese glass beads, semi-precious stones, crystals, Swarovski, and gemstones, all of the highest quality.

When Emma was styling for Laura Ashley it used to astound me the level of detail she brought to each shot. She would bring the most amazing antique music pages to wrap presents or antique cake tins and muffin pans to fill a kitchen.She used to come to meetings with amazingly detailed sketches of each shot that were art all in themselves. Anyway enough of what I think I will let her work speak for itself...


This one, I am very chuffed to be able to say, I worked on this shoot as it is an old L.A. shot.

How gorgeous are these little boys suitcase shots? So sweet!!!


How beautiful are these pieces? You can see why I love her work can't you?

To see more of Emma's Amazing work go to:

Emma's Blog / Emma' Jewellery / Emma's Styling

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