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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ladies who golf...

So I am starting golfing lessons on Sunday. Yay, how much fun! My girlfriend and I are booked in at Northbridge and ready to go. I have been warned to not go O.T.T before I even start and see how I like it but really you know me... I don't think anything is really done till I have gone O.T.T!

So for an outfit I am thinking my girlfriend and I can go dressed like these ladies! I figure at least if we are hopeless we will look good, plus the skirt is so short I am hoping the boys will forgive us if we take 10 hits down the fairway to get to a green as we will be bending over a lot! :)

I also love that bag- very vintage! As one of my guy friends enthusiastically told me he had a set of clubs for me to borrow when I told him I was starting golfing and then proceeded to give me their history dating back to when his dad was a kid- I do believe it will fit the era of my clubs.

Do you think they will let us take a pooch to round it off? xox

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