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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mad about Morocco...

I have been fascinated by Morocco ever since I was a young girl listening to stories my parents told me of their travels in the 70's. So it was little wonder that when I got to go backpacking it was one of my must sees and one of my favourite places. I feel in love with the colour, the smells and the vibrancy of the country.

Moroccan style has really started to become big again in the last couple of years. The depth of colour and the contrast in materials make it a designers dream and it is no wonder that it is fast becoming revived.

Here are some of the fantastic images I remember. These are what they draw from when they produce the vibrant colours that reflected in their homes and decor.

This is a beautiful modern Moroccan room from Room Envy. I love the white with the traditional Moroccan silver... really serene.

I love this traditional table set with silver...

This is truly your own Moroccan oasis. The sheer curtains elect memories of Bedouin tents and the table is similar to the one my parents bought home from Morocco years ago. Theirs was a brass top with similar legs and I believe they traded an iron for it!

I love these poufs! A fantastic blog site and old school friend of mine Once.Daily.Chic did a feature on these in a blog about 'Magical Moroccan', for more details and more amazing poufs, check it out! Also this table is really chic, don't you think?

The large Moroccan hurricane lamps in this shot are gorgeous, great for entertaining as a feature and adding atmosphere.

This is a fantastic table from Ashe. Ashe is a Western Australian design pair who also create amazing one of the kind pieces from their own fabrics. Girls check it out!

Moroccan homewares are great for entertaining. You can create a visual sensation with colour, glass and silver. These cups are great for both little drinks or as tea light candles.

Here is a cute table set for a Moroccan tea party from Weekend Host.

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