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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Art of French Living

I thought this week I would devote my blogs to international style and as one of the most stylish countries I thought it only right to begin with the art of French living.

I once heard that the art of French living is in daily changing your decor and refreshing your home. This they do through small changes, fresh flowers, a cushion here to there, a chair by the window now by the door, to larger changes such as refreshing the cushions and curtains from spring to summer or moving the living room to face a different way.

They also believe that every meal is an occasion and will pick the plates, glassware and silverware to compliment the food and wine. They believe that different weights effect how you feel whilst eating and drinking.

I love the idea that you create a new space to live in everyday and your home reflects the seasons and your mood. I love the attention to detail that goes into everything they do and that their style is reflected in they way the live their lives.

This living room from Designers Guild, is French apartment chic. How amazing is the duck egg blue love seat? One of the things french do well is details; notice the fresh flowers in various sized vases and the lovely heavy curtain tiebacks that hang from the door handle, so stylish! Oh and the bare floorboards, I think I could go on forever about this room there are so many textures and details... This room is romantic french living at it's best.

What an amazing apartment this is from Decorology. Imagine waking everyday to these soothing tones and romantic chic.

I love this country dining room space. The armoire is overflowing with different plates and tea sets... once again so many details, so casually chic.

French excel at the art of white, from the starch white sheets to the beautiful French bed...

A beautiful French kitchen from Euro Antique Market once again the subtle tones of natural and white only gently highlighted by the lemon yellow of the flowers and the natural wood tones of the pantry door and fabulous kitchen table.

Also from Decorology... you all will know what I love about this!

And how romantic and idyllic is this painters barn in France from Creative Country House. I think I could quite happily live and work here and be inspired everyday by the amazing beams and beautiful light.

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