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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's all crystal clear...

I have always had a small dream that either side of my bed instead of bedside lamp I want to hang chandeliers. I love chandeliers, not just inside the home hung low over a dining table or in the bedroom to create mood but I love when they are hung outside and left to rust and become part of the landscape... so idyllic! The best part is there are loads around at auctions and you can have fun building your collection... just make sure you check that all the crystals are there before you put on a bid!

From the simple..

To the divine... Love the use of different sizes, shapes and styles. Heaven!

I love these chandeliers care of Hooked on Houses, I happen to be a big fan of turquoise as it is but these look amazing against that faded pink wall. Also love the mix of velvet and faded carpets...

Now this would make an amazing entrance! This chadeilier from Crystal Art Chandeliers was hand blown and designed by Robert Kaindl ... also love that low mahogany circular hall table, making this room seem so art deco.

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