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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Italian inspiration....

I must admit I have been rather enamoured with Italian living since watching a movie called 'Stealing Beauty' which is set in the wine valley of Tuscany. The back drop of the rolling hills covered by vines added to the sun bleached walls and earthly tones of fresco's left to fade, all create a sense of lazy indulgence that seems to follow through to their way of life. Everything is about food, passion and family. Who wouldn't want to live there?

Italians have such a strong sense of design in both fashion and home, from city chic to country charm they get it right each time.

These opulent rooms are all from designer Savio Firmino and care of Luxury Interior Design and Decorations.

Once again my love of the claw bathtub features heavily! :) Oh and love the sheer curtain in the second pic!

From the chic city style to the simplicity of the country. The Italians have this amazing light that makes their homes look inviting and warm. You can just imagine curling up in the sun in a little nook and reading till your eye's grow heavy or breaking bread warm from daylights touch and dipping it in fresh extra virgin olive oil as you sip on a good glass of Chianti.

All Italian country houses have a pagola, somewhere to eat, laugh and watch the last embers of sun fade into the night...

Or how about somewhere to dive into to refresh your tired limbs...

This is a beautiful country apartment with lime washed walls that reflect the colours of the sofa...

How sweet are these light switches, I love the faded wall paper against the rustic paint. This to me is the images of Italy I fell in love with... *sigh* Images care of Mary Lou.

But to be a true Italian you must get around in style... So want one!

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