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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My island home...

Spring has sprung! In Australia today is the first day of the really long awaited spring- and I am planning to make the most of it. As you might have gathered it is pretty flat chat at work this last month- so I am planning on getting away!

I just love this villa on Bedarra Island (fort hose of you not local to Aus, it is just off the coast in Far North Queensland) which you can take for a week or longer through Contemporary Beach Houses and Villas. It has been remodeled by renowned interior architect Ian Moore and has been featured in Wallpaper, Vogue Living and Belle, not to mention countless books on Luxury Beach Houses and Villas.

The original house was owned by renowned artist Noel Wood in the early 20th Century and when Ian Moore remodeled he kept some of the original features of the house. It features two queen sized beds and the original studio. It is absolute indulgence!

Your own private beach... bliss!

The 'comfortably modernist' interiors to quote Contemporary Hotels themselves...

Outdoor bathing facilities... pour me one now!

Outdoor entertaining- great for cocktails at sunset over looking 'your' beach!

The 'studio'- idyllic isn't it?

I am so going to look into going- hoping not too booked out! If your looking for a week getaway so check out Contemporary Beach Houses and Villas!

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