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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spring Cocktail...

Since spring has sprung- so to speak- it is time to start bringing out the Cocktails!

I am a big fan of an aperitif... My parents when I was growing up used to always have Pimms by the pool or Caprioskas with nibbles before dinner. I loved this time- it was generally a great refreshing way to wet the appetite after a long day and cool down in the balmy Sydney Summer heat!

We generally went through fazes- so Pimms one summer, Dark 'n Stormy's the next depending how we felt.

This Spring / Summer I am liking the Apple Martini! I love a really well made martini- and have been on the hunt for a great recipe for apple martini's... they need to use proper stewed apples, a really good vodka, a hint of cinnamon and should take a couple of days to prepare! No short cuts! (As you can see I take my drinking seriously :) )

Stew 8 granny smith apples cored and skinned with a cinnamon stick, 750ml cloudy apple juice and a table spoon of sugar. Leave to simmer low and slow till the apples dissolve.

Take off stove and leave to cool.

Strain liquid through a sieve with muslin.

Add 1 ltr bottle of 42 below honey.

Leave in fridge for at least a day is not longer!

To serve:

Chill a martini glass and rim with a mix of sugar and cinnamon.

Strain in liquid.

Slice a piece of granny smith apple and float on top.


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