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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good design...

I am massive traveler- I love going overseas and as such spend a lot of time in airports. I just think these are a great solution- good design, perfect for security, completely solves the trying to find a chair/somewhere to leave the bag/having to haul luggage through the airport whilst looking through duty free or have a bite on long waits! dilemma.

Introducing Sleepbox. Developed by Arch Group an architecture and design firm in Russia the sleep box is designed to fitted in railway stations, airports, even in tropical countries for city's with a high level of unavailable accommodation to go in streets. It is budget one night accommodation that is completely secure and can sleep up to two people. The space includes bed, linen, ventilation system, alarm. LCD TV, WiFi , space for your laptop and re chargeable phone. Under your bed and floor there is a cupboard for your luggage. Sounds exactly like home right? :)

Deluxe one bedroom model...

The hostel edition which sleeps two... but no TV! :)

I love good innovative design and I think these are sleek and compact and really fill a need in the market! Sleepbox- maybe coming to an airport near you!

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