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Friday, July 30, 2010

Take a cool long sip of Hotel Azucar...

How could you not want to visit a place where the national drink is Tequila, the sun is always shining, the people are always singing and food is fresh and spicy? And to top it off you're not only allowed but expected to Nap during the day!

Hotel Azucar off the coast of Mexico is a fantastic mix of local vibrancy and chic luxury... and I so want to be there! With only 20 bungalows and miles of beach you feel like you're in a private sanctuary and with a restaurant that specialises in fresh seafood and wild freshwater prawns you feel like you're in heaven!

A padro ready to greet you on arrival... :)

Restaurant... fantastic mix of local colour and design.

The beautiful pool that over looks the pristine beach...

I love these change rooms for the pool!

Your own private bungalow... Fantastic mix of stark white rendered walls, stone walls and straw roofs...

Cool calming interiors... a great way to escape the heat for your siesta.

Your private balcony and hammock- the perfect place to sit a sip those beers...

Love this outdoor shower! That bucket is fantastic!

If you feel over worked from your long walks and lazing by the pool- they have a spa where you can meditate, do yoga or have one of their amazing treatments...

Their outdoor library for you to enjoy during your stay or have a few beers at!

Or enjoy the games that they supply... and who can go past a parrot when you're in Mexico?! :)

Enjoy your weekends my lovelies... this is where I will be- if only in my mind! xox


  1. Oh this place looks heavenly! Reminds me of my husband and I's honeymoon spot. We want to go back;)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh wow Anna! Your honeymoon place sounds amazing then. So jealous. I do think this would be a great place to honeymoon- I could completely see a week of bliss here. Hope you had a lovely weekend! Cam x


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