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As a girl I used to spend hours with my mother on the weekends searching through antique auctions and bric a brac stores. As an adult nothing much has changed, only how much I'm allowed to spend! This is my way of sharing my love with people who love good design and pretty little things.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy weekend...

Well it is time to say.... HAPPY WEEKEND! I hope you all have something lovely planned? I am off to dinner tonight- Japanese noodles to keep warm and shoe shopping tomorrow-desperately need some cute flats since I over zealously threw them all out in my bedroom clean! I am also going to do some cooking, a nice big batch of soup for my lunches next week- I always have a few stews and soups in my freezer in winter, so if I can't be bothered cooking I have something delicious and home cooked at hand, last night I made Moroccan pumpkin soup last night and it was amazing! My mother makes this amazing chinese beef soup so I am going to try my hand at that.

Anyway all... I am logging off for now, yay! Cam xox

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