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Monday, July 5, 2010

Time to get ruthless...

So over the weekend I completely cleaned out my room and it felt amazing! I should right up front say I am a hoarder- I think that if I have spent however much money on something I really should not get rid of it, even if it is 3 sizes too big and 5 years out of date. Hey I might wear it again right? Finally this time I was ruthless. I chucked out anything that no longer fit (luckily for me that meant anything too big not small for once)or I thought was not my personality any more. A friend wrote and said she once heard a saying that goes 'Your wardrobe should only reflect your personality, anything else should go!' I so agree and it is quite liberating. I now have about two thirds more wardrobe space and the best part is I am going to enforce a strict rule of one thing in one thing out!

I am lucky though, I have a quite big wardrobe and it is all mine! But I do have to look at space how how to maximise what I have (mainly my shoes! I have so many shoes!). Here are some great ideas for bedroom storage solutions.

I love the suitcases in this shot! Great for winter storage of blankets and jumpers.

And this is a beautiful old blanket box. Go looking through actions as heaps are out there!

If you have the room this is a great idea a low chest of draws can store extra bulky blankets and pillows or jumpers for winter. A great idea is to line it with a scented wood to keep them smelling good! Or add a long cushion to turn it into a seat for when your getting dressed!

I love the idea of featuring your books in your room- especially if your like me and a massive reader. But you could also use different baskets and hide your mess and use as additional storage.

This is a great idea- if you want to hide those books add drapes in a great fabric which could be a great and practical feature.

If you want to combine storage with your bedside table another great use for old suite cases to stack them- fill them with blankets - old books - memories and add a wonderful light for a feature.

Ikea is KEY!

I have one section of my wardrobe that is shelves and only small amount of floor space for shoes- so I have turned my shelves into shoe storage by buying lots of these clothes boxes from Ikea. The small ones perfectly fit one set of heels and the large fit my boots. (these are current design in Ikea mine are cream and green stripped- so just keep an eye out for a design that suits you!)

I also have an old brass bed so I have a bit of height under my bed- which I would like to say I could keep pristine and empty but in reality I use as extra storage. I have a variety of wicker baskets under there that hide all my bits and bobs. But these are great from Ikea coz they can close off and you can't see in at all!

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