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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Help needed to save my Christmas in July dinner party....

Ok today I promise to not write about more Orange. :)

First thing is first though I need help desperately. I wrote last week about my Christmas in July dinner party and my decorations if you remember. Well over the weekend I went shopping and largely got together my supplies for the craft side of things, however I am missing one vital ingredient- PINE CONES! I am desperately seeking help on where on earth you get pine cones from I have tried Spotlight and 2 Dollar Shops- are these in season at the moment in forests?

If you remember these are going to be the body of my little elf's that will adorn each spot- I have even imagined what each little man will do to represent the person he is made for. I am going to have one on ski's for my friend who was an Olympic Mogul skier, a snowboard for my brother, one gardening for my friend with the green thumb.

Please kindly save my dinner party and help me find pine cones! xox


  1. Not sure if this will help, but we collect hundreds of pine cones to burn in our fireplace from the footpath - the trees drop heaps of cones in winter. Maybe a trip to a local park that has lots of pine trees will help - and if so, they'll be free! Either that, or a local botanical gardens maybe? Good luck! K xx

  2. Try places that sell firewood and garden stuff - maybe Bunnings, or Mitre 10 etc.


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