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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blueprint to Life...

I just love this work space and mainly the massive hanging blueprint! It is fantastic against those stark white walls and the white work desk.

Here is how to achieve the look at home.

Wishone Chair by Hans J. Wegner. Stocked at Matt Blatt for 295 (not yet available in this colourway but they have a lovely ash black) or ebay! I have struggled to find this colour available in Australia so if anyone knows where, let me know!

From Ikea have a look through the Vika range of trestle tables.

My pick is Vika Fagerlid legs (75ea) with a Vika Amon slim line table top (99).

And of course the piece da la resistance- A beautiful blueprint. Blast From the Past on etsy has some beautiful old prints (including really beautiful Alice in Wonderland prints that would be gorgeous in a kids room) and maps and this great boat blueprint. Though look around at auctions as sometimes there are boxes of them!

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