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Friday, July 9, 2010

Decisions, decisions, decisions... HELP!

So for a while now I have been on the hunt for a console table for behind my couch that can house my laptop... Something I can sit and blog at comfortably with a cup of coffee...

Exhibit A:

Now I have found three and I really can't decide!

Complete Pads- Trestle Writing Table in White Wash ($1075)- loving the simplicity and rustic look (goes well with my old ladders).


Complete Pads- Elm Trestle Console Table ($865)- love the detail on the legs and smoothed raw wood- but worried it is too high at 80cm?! Though the one above is 75cm so not that much different!


Freedom - Excelsior Writing Desk ($599)-loving the legs and the draws would be a bonus and liking the art deco styling...

Help my blogging friends- which one would you choose 1, 2 or 3!?


  1. how deep are they??
    a console table will look strange if its too deep - should be about40-50cm deep to avoid looking just like a table up against the lounge!

  2. ok they are-

    1) 160Wx80Dx75Hcm White Wash Trestle
    2) 180Wx50Dx80Hcm- Console Table (my laptop is 26cm so fits comfortably)
    3) 150cmWx60Dx75Hcm- Excelsior Writing Desk

    my couch is 215Wx88Dx88Hcm

  3. Maybe going off that Sal I should go the console as not too deep and long enough to sit the width of the couch and not look odd? xox

  4. How high is the back of your lounge? For me I would want the desk close to level with back of the lounge so as not to hit my head on it if I sat back into the lounge.
    Don't like the cross bar of the writing desk, it has my shin bones written all over it.
    Option A is my favourite

  5. Yes I think I am with Anon- I like A too and I hadn't thought of my shins! I am terribly clumsy so probably and bruise like a peach! Not a good combo I can assure you! Cx


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