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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Christmas in July...

I think I might have mentioned before I have a small tendency to go a little OTT when I am excited. So last night I locked in the guests for my Christmas in July dinner party that I have wanted to do for ages now but keep remembering in August.

So last night I turned to my brother and said oh wow I have so many idea's and he goes 'that is what I am afraid of!'. :)

So even though it is 4 weeks off I am going to start planning and buying now. This a) will spread the expense over a couple of pays and b) mean I wont be rushed off my feet on the day since this time it wont be slow cooked which means prep in the morning and give me all day to run around!

So the theme is Candy Cane (as I love red and white as a table setting). First Stop is Martha- for some inspiration and idea's.

Loving the idea of a stripped tablecloth or runner- going to go to Spotlight and see what I can find in a similar fabric!

I love the thick candles above for the table and am thinking I will go find ribbon in spotlight to tie around. Then thinking for my coffee table for nibbles one of these wreaths with a thick candle in the center... what do you think?

Ok for my place holders I am thinking these little guys... I am hoping to have them sit on top of their little take home presents... I figure they can all be in different poses if I get good enough at making them! i.e: Fishing, on one knee proposing style, one reading etc...

Keeping in the theme of candy cane- For their gifts I will make this easy candy cane fudge recipe. This can be sitting at the head of each setting with the little guy on top and a cute handmade lable with their name to act as the place setting.

And key to any Christmas Table is definitely the crackers- one year Mum made these amazing ones with great riddles from the net and personalised gifts- I got a pearl necklace, my brother aftershave etc... (Now you can see where my idea of entertaining comes from). So I am thinking I will do the same in simple white with red ribbon and find riddles and have them printed out nicely with everyone's name to personalise each one and make some funky hats to go in each cracker.

Over the table I am thinking I will hang snowflakes in red and white. I made these last year for work decorations and ended up showing nearly everyone in the office how to make them...they are really easy and look amazing.

So this is my plan for this weekend- I am going to hit spotlight and see what I can find! Then at night over the next couple of weeks I can start putting together the decorations and getting everything ready for the big day! xox


  1. i have one question for you.
    where is my invite! lol

  2. Thank you for the feedback! Your blog is so fabulous!
    :) Cheers,

  3. Love, love, love this idea! Take plenty of photo's and of course let me know the recipes! I want to see the result! xoxo

  4. Thanks Anna,

    I am an avid follower of yours and love your work- you are very talented!

    Cam x

  5. Hi Cam, looks like your xmas in july will be one stylish event! Love the theme, and I think you should post a tutorial on those gorgeous snowflake decorations - i think it would be a huge hit. Have a wonderful dinner, and make sure you post all the pretty pics please! K xx

  6. Hi Kerri,
    I certainly will I promise! They are so simple and really look stunning- btw big fan of your blog. Thanks for coming and saying hi.

    Cam x


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