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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stairway to heaven...

I am in love with painted staircases... I think they are a great way to bring in a dramatic splash of colour and really add personality to a house... plus cheaper then adding carpet!

From the simple to the colourful, I give you my stairways to heaven... and because I am loving orange at the moment loving the light grey with the orange highlights in the chair, the boxes, the dog and the flowers...

These next two are a gorgeous idea to add some warmth and quirkiness to your staircase...

Sorry had to drop it back in... I really love this staircase!

All I can say is OH WOW! Oh and someone has a really steady hand and a lot of patience!

And this last one is for those who lack storage in the home... a great idea to utilise some wasted space... plus you can then just paint the wood and create any of the fantastic staircases above...


  1. I love the wallpapered stairs! It's such an unexpected place to make a statement!

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  2. Hi Cam! I am loving this post because when I have wooden stairs someday I intend on painting them:)
    Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Hey Anna,

    My friend just bought a place and I really want to do it her stairs... I wondering if she leaves for a weekend if she will notice it when she gets back? :) She has a small place so thought the stair storage could be a good idea too... is it slightly obsessive when you start redecorating other peoples places? xox

  4. Lovely post. Those white and pink stairs...too cute!


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