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Monday, August 2, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Wow doesn't it feel like over the weekend it has turned from miserable winter to starting to head into spring? We didn't even have the heater on on Saturday night! The downside was I didn't even get out to enjoy the sunshine as I had a miserable cold and decided like a good little girl I would spend the weekend in doors getting better so I wouldn't feel like crap for work this week. I found I was so bored! I don't think I have had a whole two days in in ages and it is so boring! In fact I was so bored I completely head to tail cleaned the house- which is a good thing because my Christmas in July party is coming up (yes I know it is no longer July but I struggled to book everyone in earlier then mid-August!).

Anyway in honour of what I feel is getting closer to spring, here is what I am looking forward to being able to wear in spring! (especially since I have joined works biggest looser competition today to get rid of those winter kg's and get ready for swimwear season!)

Mango dress in Scarlet Collection, Etsy 70's Olive Green Boots, my vintage Dior's, Laliv Jewelry and More necklace & Mimco Bergman Satchel

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