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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lock it in Eddy... we have a menu!

Last night I was so excited as my brother and I locked in the menu for my Christmas in July that is now Mid-August dinner party! :)

We are going to start with mulled wine and nibbles. I live in Sydney and it is normally hot outside on the day of Christmas mulled wine isn't that big in Australia for Christmas, so thought this was a perfect opportunity to bring it out.

I am still playing with idea for first course mainly because the second and dessert are heavy and I don't want them rolling out of the house (unless of course it is because they are tipsy!) So what do you think, I am thinking figs and prosciutto, any other idea's? I want something light and clean on the pallet.

However my excitement is the main! So the first idea was traditional turkey, however I have now invited 9 people- so a turkey that size wont fit in my oven or bbq! That was a slight dilemma, however last night I was looking through recipes and saw a chicken with cider and told my brother who got very excited by the idea of me cooking with cider. I am not a massive fan of chicken because I think it is dull. So I went online to find a pork recipe with cider (since apples and pork are MADE for each other!)... And drum roll please... we found this!

Rolled roast pork loin with apple and chestnuts... Gourmet Traveller your are my God!

Classic dish but should be really tasty and fits my brothers brief for cooking with cider! I am also going to try a cider cream sauce to drizzle over the top... I will just do a simple roasted whole baby carrots, patotoe and pumkin drizzeled in a lemon, rosemary and garlic infused oil, and some fresh beans for a side.

For dessert I am doing a traditional Christmas pudding with a rum cream sauce (mum does the best sauce so using our family recipe).

I am now so excited!

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  1. Okay now that sounds absolutely divine! What a great idea! Christmas is too great to have only once a year!


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