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As a girl I used to spend hours with my mother on the weekends searching through antique auctions and bric a brac stores. As an adult nothing much has changed, only how much I'm allowed to spend! This is my way of sharing my love with people who love good design and pretty little things.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Weekend...

Happy weekend all! I have a house warming tonight, a hair cut tomorrow - which excites me as been way too long- plus I am going with my best friend for girly champagne and hair date before meeting the boys at the pub for a friends 30th and footy. Then on Sunday I am walking 14km's in the City2Surf (eek this was before I knew I had a 30th the night before! What am I thinking?!) Plus soaking the fruit for the Christmas pudding and maybe a first date if I can fit it in! I hope you all have a good one filled with friends and laughter, and maybe in my case tears as I try to walk up heart break hill hung over! :) Love to all and have a lovely weekend!

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