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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coastal Chic...

I am so willing for it to be spring already... though I think I could be quite happy come summer or winter to be living in these spaces with those views!

Chandelier & table- bliss!

LOVE that sailing boat chandelier!

Traditional white and blue...

All I can say Fridge + Stove= WOW!

Now for some with colour- how good do those Chinese lanterns look? I have never been a big fan- but here they work perfectly!

Sea greens go so well- I love how the highlights are picked up in the surrounds...

A touch of lime- you know this doorway is only going to lead to good places!

Great table decor for coastal living...

And this will be the next house I buy... you're more then welcome to visit!

Images care of: Coastal Living

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