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Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to basics...

Hi all, I am so sorry I was absent last week- but off styling for the week and the weekend I just slept as I was exhausted!

The other day my brother and I were watching a cheesy TV show and saw an amazing loft. It reminded me of how much I love raw materials in design... It has always been a dream to own a loft apartment and really strip it back to beams, brick and light, then go to town on fantastic industrial design with lights, chairs and materials.

Here are some fantastic examples of Loft design and maximising on space,light and the raw materials.

I love this loft that features in Gossip Girl as the Humphrey's Brooklyn loft. Fantastic!

Anyway I hope you have all been well? I am looking forward to spending time at night catching up on the passed week with my favourite blogs! Cam xox

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