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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I heart Orson and Blake!

Hi all, I have finally finished this years round of photoshoots and tv advertorials that become my life for three or so months around this time of the year and can finally spend some more time enjoying what I love- reading all those amazing blogs and getting back in touch with you all. It has been a whirlwind of a time and I am looking forward to relaxing with close friends in early dec at my island getaway dream house which you can read about here. I am going swim wear shopping for some of those great nautical's I featured here and I am going to get a load of books and never leave the beach! My idea of BLISS!

Anyway over the last couple of months I have become a massive online bargain shopper- which is ironic really as I struggle really hard when I walk into a shop with sales! I never can find anything I want at half price and always fall in love with the most expensive item on the shelf and walk away having spent more then I wanted, never less. Anyway recently I have signed myself up to all those daily emails with specials on meals, clothes and homewares and spend about half an hour every morning running through it and spending way too much money saving myself a little bit. :)

What I did love is finding a Sale on Orson and Blake homewares. I am so in love with their stuff now... I love the rustic fabrics, the gorgeous prints and muted colours. Divine! I splurged a little and am updating my home for summer when they arrive. So excited!

My new loves....

Tea Towels: Linen Elephant & Zebra in Chocolate

Animal Print Cushions

Going tribal with:

Cushion Kuba Shells

Cushion Jute Zig Zag Knot

I love Owls!

Oh and I love this Bone Inlay 4 Drawer Chest but at 4,500 unfortunately it wasn't in my sale.. :(

Anyway I hope is well with everyone? I know a couple of you will be close to having new little bundles of joy soon- so hope all is ok and your enjoying your 'nesting' phase? :) I am going to enjoy reading a few of my favorite blogs today and catching up on all the news! Cam xox

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