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Monday, October 25, 2010

Spring time projects and a little help needed!

Hi all, and I seem to be doing this a lot lately, so sorry I have been so slack. Last week I was styling a shoot for three days and getting myself ready for it so was pretty busy.

So this week I am hoping to catch up on some of my favorite blogs and spend some serious time on eBay searching out a few pieces for my home (with spring here I am in the mood for a new look). I have already dragged my brother out in the middle of the night to go and procure a wooden ladder off someones council clean up pile! He now wont let it into the house till I properly clean it and fix it up a bit. :) I am so excited though as going to turn it into a book shelf to put beside the one I use for my throws and some picture frames.

The things I am looking for on eBay are:

Chest of draws- wanting something a bit shabby and loving this idea of a faded union jack! I need it to be a bit of a statement piece as it will under a big circle mirror I own and the first thing you see when you walk in.

I am also looking for a long bench table, 2 bench seats and chairs for my dining room. At the moment I have a small round one which I love but only seats 4 and worked well in my small apartment but doesn't suite this space at all. I need something I can use for entertaining.I love this bench table from Driftwood Interiors. I love the zinc top... so maybe looking for a table that I can cover with zinc. I want bench seats as then I can tuck them under and push against the wall normally and bring out when need be.

And finally I need help! I have really bad 70's tiles in the living room and dining room- seriously orange and brown tiles! They have to go! I want something inexpensive as I am renting but something that will cover the space. I love sisal as it is durable and would be light and give it a nice beach feel or even white washed floorboards that click together. Does ANYONE know a cheap solution or where I can source cheaply? My living room is about 5m x 6m, which is quite large! Currently I have down this massive rug (2x3m) from ikea which works well but no where near covers it!

So any help would be great- does anyone know what would work well? Cam xox

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  1. Hey lovely,

    Loving the shabby chic look, I have a few old pieces from Fitzy's granny that I am sanding back and repainting for the eventual kids room. Talk to your landlord, but there is a product called tile paint which you can buy from Bunnings. They might pay for it, if you paint it, but it is easy and not very expensive and makes a huge difference to any room, especially one with brown tiles (believe me I know!!!) Anyway let me know if you are keen and I will have a look at the paint brand xo


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